Wedding Is Important

We do so many other things in our lives some are important and some not but we still do, but some of the events in our lives which are most important. Basically, there are two events or occasions are most important in every person’s life which is one birthday because that day you were born which you celebrate throughout your life and the other is wedding day because this is one the special event because you are getting married and the tag on you of single will be removed. Marriage is one of the beautiful relationships where the bride and groom share vow and promise to each other that they will stay together forever. for example, you and your boyfriend are in a relationship for more than six years and you people live together without any official relationship, do you think is that right? To make your relationship official you need to get married with your boyfriend because the word boyfriend and husband both are different from the each other, husband word has an intense feeling. The day you decide to get married that day you become a lady from a girl and you will take this title with the pride, that’s why the wedding is important.  

Purity is the quality of the relationship if your relationship if the person is being himself with you all the time and give hundred people to you and always there for you, don’t leave him and don’t let him go from your life because finding the loyal people in today’s world is not easy, most the people who make promises and break promises every day but only a few people keep their promises, for example, you are in a relationship with a guy who is not deserving but still you doing and giving your 100% to make your relationship work because you love that person your love is pure for him that’s why you bearing lots of everyday drama and tantrum of him but till when you will bear this? One day this thing needs to stop you need to take out from the relationship because he is not the worth it and you cannot make your life more miserable. Purity comes in a relationship when two people love each other and make a promise to stay loyal with each other for the rest of the life that’s why people believe in marriage, marriage is the beautiful promise. 

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